Rock Placement

Rock Art

Rock Placement

Rock placement and using rocks as a feature in your landscape design is our specialty! Every rock tells a story and the placement of each rock is of great importance to the overall look. Each rock has a face and certain character and needs to be strategically placed to get the most eye-catching pleasure out of them.

Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can make or break the look you are trying to create. Do you go rustic with old timber redgum railway sleepers or concrete sleepers to create straight clean lines? There are many retaining walls to choose from, including block walls and rock walls…..We will help you choose and construct the best retaining wall for your landscaping needs.


The success of landscaping projects whether large or small, requires an in depth understanding of the site’s true potential. Redgum Excavations has over 35 years of experience in bringing client ideas and designs to reality, so why not give us a call and ask us for some advice on your next landscaping project.


Redgum Excavations offer a full range of civil, residential and commercial construction services. These services range from site-cuts, feature ponds and swimming pool excavations to road works, drainage and levees. Call us today for input on your construction design and maintenance.


The earliest known dam is the Jawa Dam in Jordan built around 3000 BC. We certainly haven’t been around that long, but we definitely¬† have extensive experience building and maintaining dams in the local area.

Bush Clearing

When you need to get some bush cleared on your property, you could use a herd of goats… or give Redgum excavations a call to clear and remove trees and bush vegetation.  

Driveways & Sitecuts

Driveways are not only a functional aspect of any home or commercial property, but can also add an aesthetic feature to the premises. Whether you are designing to impress or just wanting simple vehicle access, Redgum excavations can help. No job is too difficult.

And More....

With over 35 yrs delivering creative rock landscaping, earthworks, retaining walls, dams, and construction, there are so many areas Redgum Excavations can assist you in your next project. So for a comprehensive list of our services, please click on the link below.

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